Do Ziva and Tony Get Together?


NCIS fans have been wondering for years whether or not Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo would ever get together. Ziva and Tony had a complicated and flirtatious relationship throughout their time on the show, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats to see if they would finally become a couple.

The Early Years

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Ziva and Tony first met in season 3 of NCIS, when Ziva was sent to replace Kate as the team’s Mossad liaison. Tony was immediately drawn to Ziva’s beauty and intelligence, but their relationship got off to a rocky start due to Ziva’s guarded nature and Tony’s tendency to be flippant and insensitive.

Over time, however, the two began to develop a deep respect and understanding for one another, with Ziva even saving Tony’s life on multiple occasions.

Their Chemistry


Ziva and Tony had undeniable chemistry from the beginning, with their playful banter and teasing only adding to the tension between them. They often found themselves in dangerous situations together, which only served to strengthen their bond.

Despite this, both Ziva and Tony were in other relationships throughout the series, leaving fans unsure if they would ever be able to make things work between them.

Their Separation


In season 10, Ziva left NCIS to return to Israel and take care of her father, leaving Tony heartbroken and unsure of what the future held for them. The two shared an emotional goodbye, but it seemed as though their chance for a romantic relationship had come and gone.

Ziva’s Return


In season 16, Ziva made a surprise return to NCIS, revealing that she had faked her own death and had been in hiding for years. Tony was shocked and overjoyed to see her, but their reunion was short-lived as Ziva had to go back into hiding to protect her family.

The Final Episode

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In the series finale of NCIS, Ziva made another surprise return, this time with Tony and their daughter Tali in tow. The two had finally gotten together and started a family, with Tony leaving NCIS to focus on being a father.

While fans were overjoyed to see Ziva and Tony finally get together, it was bittersweet as it was the last episode of the show.

In Conclusion

So, do Ziva and Tony get together? The answer is yes, but it took over a decade and a lot of ups and downs for them to finally make it happen. Their relationship was one of the most beloved and complicated storylines of NCIS, leaving fans eagerly anticipating every interaction between them.

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