Exploring the Fascinating History of the Apple Logo

The Original Apple LogoSource: bing.com

The apple logo is one of the most iconic symbols in the world. It is recognized by millions of people around the globe and has become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and technological advancement. But do you know the story behind the apple logo? In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of the apple logo and how it has evolved over the years.

The Original Apple Logo

The First Apple LogoSource: bing.com

The first apple logo was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, one of the co-founders of Apple Inc. The logo featured a detailed illustration of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, with the apple about to fall on his head. The logo also included a banner with the company name and the phrase “Newton…a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought…alone.” The logo was intricate and detailed, but it was ultimately replaced by a simpler design.

The Birth of the Rainbow Apple

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In 1977, Apple Inc. hired Rob Janoff to design a new logo that was more modern and simple. Janoff created the rainbow apple logo, which featured a colorful apple with a bite taken out of it. The rainbow colors were meant to represent the diversity and creativity of the company. The logo became instantly recognizable and would remain in use for more than 20 years.

The Evolution of the Apple Logo

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Over the years, the apple logo has undergone several changes. In 1998, the company introduced a new logo that was more streamlined and modern. The rainbow colors were replaced with a monochromatic design, and the apple was given a chrome finish. In 2001, the company introduced the first iPod, which featured a new logo design that was more minimalist and sleek. The design featured a simple apple outline with no color and no bite taken out of it.

The Birth of the Apple Brand

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Today, the apple logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It has become synonymous with the Apple brand and all that it represents. The logo has been featured on countless products, advertisements, and marketing campaigns. In many ways, the apple logo has become a symbol of our technological age, representing innovation, creativity, and progress.


The history of the apple logo is a fascinating one, filled with twists and turns, and a reflection of the company’s growth and evolution. From its humble beginnings as an intricate illustration to its current minimalist design, the apple logo has become an iconic symbol of the Apple brand. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity, and an inspiration to all who seek to make a mark in the world of technology.

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