How do cats make biscuits?

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Have you ever watched your cat kneading on a soft surface, like a pillow or your lap, and wondered what they’re doing? Many people call this behavior “making biscuits,” but its scientific name is “kneading.” It’s a common behavior in cats, and it can have several different meanings.

Why do cats knead?

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There are several reasons why cats knead. One is that it’s a leftover behavior from kittenhood. When kittens are nursing, they knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk production. Adult cats may knead as a way of comforting themselves or expressing contentment.

Another reason cats knead is that it’s a way of marking their territory. Cats have scent glands in their paws, so when they knead, they’re leaving their scent behind. This can be a way of marking their territory and letting other cats know that this is their space.

How do cats make biscuits?

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Cats make biscuits by pushing their paws in and out against a soft surface, like a pillow or blanket. They often alternate paws, and some cats even suck on the surface they’re kneading. This behavior can be very calming for cats, and many will purr while they’re doing it.

When cats knead, they’re using a similar motion to the one they use when they’re nursing. They may also curl their toes or extend their claws while they’re kneading, which can make the behavior look like scratching. However, cats usually don’t use their claws while kneading, so it’s unlikely that they’re trying to destroy your furniture.

Are there any concerns with cats kneading?

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For the most part, kneading is a harmless behavior that cats use to comfort themselves. However, there are a few concerns you should be aware of. One is that cats can sometimes knead too vigorously and scratch their skin or cause themselves pain. If you notice your cat kneading excessively or injuring themselves while kneading, it’s a good idea to talk to your veterinarian.

Another concern with kneading is that it can be a sign of anxiety or stress. If your cat is kneading excessively, or if they suddenly start kneading more than usual, it could be a sign that they’re feeling anxious or stressed. In these cases, it’s important to address the underlying issue and provide your cat with the support they need to feel more comfortable.


Kneading is a common behavior in cats, and it can have several different meanings. Whether your cat is kneading to comfort themselves, mark their territory, or simply express contentment, it’s a behavior that’s deeply rooted in their instincts. By understanding why cats knead, you can appreciate this quirky behavior and provide your cat with the support they need to feel happy and comfortable in their home.

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