How to Unlock 6 Star Raids

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6 star raids are the most challenging battles in the famous mobile game, RAID: Shadow Legends. These battles require you to have the best champions and strategies to come out victorious. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that can help you unlock and win 6 star raids.

Understand the Requirements

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The first thing you need to do is understand the requirements for unlocking 6 star raids. You must have a team of champions with at least level 60 and fully ascended. Additionally, you must have completed all the previous stages and missions.

Build Your Team Wisely

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Building a team of champions is crucial to winning 6 star raids. You must choose your champions wisely and ensure that they have the right skills and abilities. You should also consider the element and affinity of each champion before including them in your team.

Maximize Your Champions’ Potential

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To increase your chances of winning 6 star raids, you must maximize your champions’ potential. You can do this by upgrading their gear, leveling up their skills, and mastering their abilities. You should also focus on enhancing their stats such as speed, critical rate, and critical damage.

Use the Right Artifacts

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Using the right artifacts is crucial to winning 6 star raids. You must choose artifacts that complement your champions’ skills and abilities. You should also aim for artifacts that enhance their stats and give them additional bonuses.

Upgrade Your Great Hall

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Upgrading your Great Hall is one of the best ways to improve your champions’ performance in 6 star raids. You can upgrade your Great Hall by using the earned resources such as glyphs and medals. Upgrading your Great Hall will give your champions additional stats and bonuses.

Join a Clan

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Joining a clan can help you unlock and win 6 star raids. Clans offer various benefits such as access to clan boss battles, shared resources, and tips from experienced players. You can also collaborate with your clan members to build the best team and share strategies.

Choose the Right Difficulty Level

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Choosing the right difficulty level is crucial to winning 6 star raids. You should start with the lower difficulty levels and gradually increase the difficulty as you progress. You should also consider the element and affinity of your champions when choosing the difficulty level.

Master Your Strategy

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Mastering your strategy is crucial to winning 6 star raids. You should analyze the enemy team and choose the right champions and skills to counter their attacks. You should also prioritize your champions’ skills and abilities and choose the right time to use them.

Practice and Patience

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Winning 6 star raids requires practice and patience. You should keep practicing and experimenting with different strategies until you find the best one. You should also be patient and avoid rushing into battles without proper preparation.


Unlocking and winning 6 star raids in RAID: Shadow Legends can be challenging, but with the right strategies and preparation, you can overcome any obstacle. Remember to understand the requirements, build your team wisely, maximize your champions’ potential, use the right artifacts, upgrade your Great Hall, join a clan, choose the right difficulty level, master your strategy, and practice and patience. Good luck on your next 6 star raid battle!

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