How to Wrap a Gift

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Wrapping a gift is an art that can make the present look more beautiful and personalized. It can add a touch of thoughtfulness and care to the gift that you are giving. However, not everyone has the knack for wrapping a gift perfectly. In this article, we will share some tips on how to wrap a gift like a pro.

Choose the Right Wrapping Paper

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The first step to wrapping a gift is choosing the right wrapping paper. You can go for a regular wrapping paper, a decorative one, or even a recycled one. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a paper with a specific pattern or color. If you are wrapping a fragile item, make sure to choose a thicker paper to protect the gift.

Measure the Wrapping Paper


Measure the wrapping paper according to the size of the gift. Place the gift on the paper and ensure that there is enough paper on all sides to cover it fully. Cut the paper accordingly, leaving a little extra margin for folding.

Fold the Wrapping Paper


Start by folding one side of the wrapping paper over the gift and secure it with a piece of tape. Then, fold the other side over it and stick it with tape as well. Make sure that the paper is tight around the gift, but not too tight that it damages the gift. Fold the edges neatly to create a clean and tidy look.

Wrap the Gift with Ribbon


Adding a ribbon to the gift can make it look more attractive. Cut a piece of ribbon according to the size of the gift, and wrap it around the gift, crossing it on top of the gift. Tie a knot or a bow on top of the gift, depending on your preference. You can also add a gift tag or a small note to personalize it further.

Use a Gift Bag

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If you are short on time or want to skip the wrapping paper, you can opt for a gift bag. Choose a bag that matches the occasion and the gift size. Place the gift in the bag and use tissue paper to cover it. Add a ribbon or a tag to complete the look.

Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

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Wrapping an odd-shaped gift can be a challenge. If the gift is too irregular, you can use a box to wrap it. Place the gift in the box and wrap the box with paper. You can also use tissue paper to cover the gift and then wrap it with paper. Use a ribbon or a bow to finish it off.

Wrap a Bottle

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Wrapping a bottle can be tricky, but it can look impressive if done correctly. Cut a piece of wrapping paper and place the bottle in the center. Fold the paper over the bottle and use tape to secure it. Twist the paper on the top and tie a ribbon or a bow around it. You can also add a tag or a note on top of the twist.

Wrap a Book

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Wrapping a book is easy if you follow a few steps. Place the book on the wrapping paper, leaving a little margin on both sides. Fold one side over the book and secure it with tape. Then, fold the other side and tape it as well. Fold the edges neatly and add a ribbon or a bow on top.

Wrap Multiple Gifts

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If you have multiple gifts to wrap, you can choose to wrap them together or separately. If you are wrapping them together, make sure that the wrapping paper is big enough to cover all the gifts. Place the gifts side by side and wrap them together. Use a ribbon or a bow to separate them. If you are wrapping them separately, repeat the steps for each gift.


Wrapping a gift can be a pleasant experience if you follow these simple steps. Remember to choose the right wrapping paper, measure it correctly, and fold it neatly. Use ribbons, bows, or tags to personalize the gift further. With these tips, you can wrap a gift like a pro and make it look impressive. Happy gifting!

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