Samsung QD OLED vs LG OLED: The Ultimate Showdown

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When it comes to high-end TVs, Samsung and LG are two of the biggest players in the market. Both companies offer top-of-the-line OLED TVs, but they have different technologies powering their screens. Samsung uses quantum dot (QD) OLED technology, while LG uses traditional OLED technology.

In this article, we’re going to compare Samsung QD OLED vs LG OLED to see which one comes out on top in terms of picture quality, features, and price.

Picture Quality

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When it comes to picture quality, both Samsung QD OLED and LG OLED are top-notch. However, Samsung’s QD OLED technology offers a few advantages over LG’s OLED technology.

For starters, Samsung’s QD OLED TVs can get much brighter than LG’s OLED TVs. This means that they can deliver more vibrant colors and better HDR performance. Additionally, QD OLED technology is less prone to burn-in than traditional OLED technology.

That being said, LG’s OLED TVs still offer some advantages over Samsung’s QD OLED TVs. They have better viewing angles and deeper black levels, which can make a big difference in dark scenes.


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When it comes to features, both Samsung QD OLED and LG OLED TVs are packed with advanced technologies and smart features.

Samsung’s QD OLED TVs come with features like voice control, Bixby integration, and a built-in iTunes app. They also have a sleek, modern design that looks great in any living room.

LG’s OLED TVs, on the other hand, come with webOS, which is one of the best smart TV platforms on the market. They also have features like Alexa and Google Assistant integration, as well as a Magic Remote that makes navigation a breeze.


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When it comes to price, Samsung QD OLED TVs are generally more expensive than LG OLED TVs. This is partly due to the fact that QD OLED technology is more advanced and expensive to produce.

That being said, the price difference between Samsung and LG OLED TVs can vary depending on the model and screen size. In general, you can expect to pay a premium for Samsung’s QD OLED technology.


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So, which one is better: Samsung QD OLED or LG OLED? The answer depends on your priorities.

If you want a TV with better HDR performance and fewer chances of burn-in, Samsung QD OLED is the way to go. However, if you prioritize deep black levels and wider viewing angles, LG OLED is the better choice.

Ultimately, both Samsung QD OLED and LG OLED are excellent TVs that will give you an incredible viewing experience. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit for your needs and budget.

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