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Hello Good People! Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows that you can stream online. However, not all content is available in every country. This is where VPN comes in handy. If you are looking for a VPN that works with Netflix for free, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the VPNs that work with Netflix for free.

What is a VPN?

Before we dive into the details, let’s learn what a VPN is. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to browse the internet anonymously by hiding your IP address. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and route it through a remote server, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activities.

Why do You Need a VPN for Netflix?

As mentioned earlier, Netflix has different content libraries for different countries. Therefore, if you are traveling or living in a country where Netflix is not available, you will not be able to access the content you want. In this case, a VPN can help you bypass geographical restrictions and access the content you want to watch on Netflix.

VPN that Works with Netflix for Free

There are many VPNs that promise to work with Netflix. However, not all of them deliver what they promise. Moreover, some VPNs charge a hefty price for their services. Here are some of the VPNs that work with Netflix for free:

1. Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the few VPNs that offer a free plan that works with Netflix. It has servers in over 63 countries. Windscribe offers 10GB of monthly data allowance, which should be enough for casual Netflix streaming.

2. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another VPN that works with Netflix for free. It has servers in over 80 countries, and it offers unlimited bandwidth. Hotspot Shield has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to use.

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a free VPN that has servers in three countries: the US, Japan, and the Netherlands. It offers unlimited data usage, making it perfect for Netflix streaming. ProtonVPN has a strict no-logs policy, ensuring your online activities are secure.

How to Use a VPN with Netflix

Using a VPN with Netflix is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:1. Download and install a VPN on your device.2. Launch the VPN and connect to a server in the country where the content you want to watch is available.3. Open Netflix and start streaming.


In conclusion, if you want to access the entire Netflix library without worrying about geographical restrictions, a VPN is the way to go. The VPNs we discussed in this article are free and work with Netflix. However, keep in mind that using a VPN to access geo-restricted content on Netflix is against the company’s terms of service. Therefore, use VPNs at your own risk.Goodbye Good People, until we meet again with another interesting article!

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